Hawk Electric Bike

Hawk is one of our strongest and top quality e bikes available, Hawk comes with 16 x 3 wide profile tires, Hydraulic front and Back shocks, 48 Volt 20 AH Battery that will give you a range of up to 85 KM per charge. Hawk has 3 speed which is key for climbing up to 40 degree angles without loosing much power. Take a look at some features at a glance

Features - At A Glance:
  • 60 volt 80-100 km range 
  • 3 speed 
  • 40 degree incline
  • Hyrdaulic front & back shocks
  • 16x3 tires
  • 500 Watt High Torque Motor
  • 500 Watt High Torque Controller
  • Rear Carrier for storage,
  • Cup Holder
  • Alaram/ Backwheel automatically locks when in Panic Mode.
  • Remote Start
  • Many other features
  • Available in many colours